Life update

I’m working on some more substantial posts on subjects like dating vintage clothing and favorite vintage trends, but this past week I’ve had a hard time working on posts any more substantial than a quick shop update for a couple of reasons. First, I’m a teacher in my other life, and I’m currently going through an interview process for my dream job. Most of my creative energies are going towards prepping for the various stages of this process, and when I’m not prepping, I’m trying to decompress so I don’t explode with anxiety.

Second, my sister’s mother-in-law, who was a close friend of our entire family, was killed in a car accident over the weekend, and the suddenness of it has made me realize how fragile our existence can be and how I need to not be living a life of regrets. This doesn’t have any direct, immediate implications for my shop or blog, but I find it harder to write and be creative when my brain is trying to process important things. So, I’m around–just on the quiet side. But there will still be plenty of shop updates this week since we actually got some sun this past weekend (people weren’t kidding when they said to expect a lot of fog in July in SF)! Here’s a stunning skirt I just listed this morning: